Written & directed by

Norma Jean Straw


TOPLESS is a fictional short film that follows two strangers as they undergo breast removal operations for very different reasons. Jules has cancer and needs a double mastectomy. Harrison is transitioning from female-bodied to male-bodied and needs top surgery. Their paths cross months after surgery as they are lap swimming, topless, next to each other in a public pool and one of them is asked to cover-up or leave.

Filming will take place in Seattle in early 2017.  

I am seeking two lead actors who have both experienced similar surgical procedures and feel comfortable appearing topless in the film. 

Feel free to contact me with questions. If you are interested in being considered for one of the lead roles described below please email the following to norma @ 

1. A simple short video (less than 3 minutes) of you describing your interest in the project (can be shot with your webcam or cell phone). Please address the following questions: Why is this role interesting to you? What is your personal experience with breast removal? What is your experience going topless?

2. A description of your performance or acting experience and training. If you lack formal experience then describe why you want to do it now and the life experience that you believe will help you in this filmed performance.  


Harrison Lee, 

Transgender Male 

Bright-eyed and eager to engage with the world around him, Harrison never misses a moment to crack a joke or display his intellect.  He is health conscious and always looking sharp. He loves music, especially R&B – D’Angelo is his favorite artist of all-time.    He is in a committed relationship with Charlotte, his girlfriend of 4 years. Harrison was raised as a cis-female and began identifying as a man in college. Harrison recently finished law school and is now in his second year as an associate at a small law firm.  He always knew he would have top surgery once he landed a good job and could afford the surgery and recovery process.  


Jules Hartman

Cis-gender Female 

Stoic, curious and adventurous, Jules is a nationally-renowned chef and owns several restaurants. When she is not cooking she can be found running mountain trails with her dog or swimming in a lake.  After opening her 5th restaurant in Seattle she was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer requiring a double mastectomy, chemo and radiation. She elected not to have reconstructive breast surgery and is (mostly) comfortable with her heavily scarred concave chest.  She and her wife have been together for 10 years. Jules is a cis-gendered female lesbian and proud of her androgynous gender expression.